Boehner has to go

This is the last straw. This piece of crap BOEHNER must go. He caved into the Dems without giving up a fight. He let Obozo give a speech full of lies and caved in. We need to replace this useless bum. I fact, we need to replace ALL of the Congress. All they are doing now is arguing and fighting and not for us, for themselves.

All Congress cares about now is getting reelected. Once they do, they do nothing for the people. We need TERM LIMITS and we need them now for EVERYONE. This is the only way we’re going to get representatives that will REPRESENT us.

Boehner is a piece of shit and always has been. He cries like a baby and doesn’t stick up for us or the Republicans. Dems got his number now and he is useless as a leader. Why isn’t he and EVERY Republican screaming their heads off to get HOLDER to resign?

We have a bunch of retards as candidates for the next election. The Dems are laughing their asses off that we can’t get a decent candidate. Let’s not even bother with elections any more, Just let the Dems walk all over us. Right now, there’s no way we can win in 2012. Not with the losers we have in Congress. We need to clean house people. I’m fed up, Are you fed up yet? You should be.

One thought on “Boehner has to go

  1. Boehner’s purge of conservative members of the caucus fom conference assignments must stop and that probably means that Boehner needs to be replaced. Bring in Scott Walker.

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